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1. Who will be allocated a place in a homestay?

Everybody can ask for a place in a homestay. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Preference however will be given to people who are members and would like to stay for the full duration of the INURA conference. Depending on availability, places can also be offered to two (friends or couple). However, if you would like to stay with a friend who is not a member of INURA or not taking part in the conference please apply for a budget room.

2. I am staying in a home. Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?

Usually you do not need to bring sleeping bags or so. Your hosts will provide them. We will get you into contact with your host before your arrival, so you can ask individual questions.

3. I can not afford to stay in a hotel and I could not get a homestay either. Are there other opportunities that are cheaper than low budget hotel rooms?

Yes there are. There are 2 very cheap hostels in close proximity to the hotel. They are called worldhouse and chill-out

We would ask you to organize the booking by yourself. If you are having problems we will try to help you with it.

4. Which is our main hotel?

‘Buyuk Londra’, as last year. We think the place simply suits the spirit of our meeting. Inurians taking part in the march08 intermediate workshop were happy with this. (see also our blog from last year)

5. I would like to stay in a double or triple room but I don’t know who to share with.

Not a problem. We can allocate you a room with other people willing to share. Please apply asap, if you have made up your mind to participate, even if you don’t have a roommate. In case that there will not be another person wishing to book in the same room category we might have to upgrade you and you will have to pay the differenence upon arrival. In this case however we will notify you priorily so that you might consider looking for a place in a hostel.

6. What is a budget room?

A budget room is also a hotel room. Either within the Londra hotel or in its annex, Troy hotel. It is just simpler than a standard room. Of course it meets all necessary requirements like bed sheets, wc+shower –inside the room- etc.

› Departure

1. How do I get to the airport from Agva?

We will provide a shuttle service to both airports or to good connection points directly after the end of our conference. People who have booked a flight at or after 5 o´clock PM on July 3rd can be assured on timely arrival by shuttle. People who have earlier flights will have to travel independendly by public transport. We will assist you finding your route when in Istanbul.

2. My flight home is earlier than July the 3rd / 5 o´clock. How do I get to the airport from Agva and how much time do I have to calculate for my journey?

There are various possibilities to travel to both airports by public transport inexpensively. Both routes however require interchanging and might take up approximately 4 hours. Flights that are before 1 o´clock will be difficult to reach by means of public transport on the same day. It is possible however to take a taxi from Agva to Sabiha Gökcen airport on the same day. The journey will take approximately 1.5 hours (via a shortcut route not served by public) and cost around 50 euros.


1. Are there any deadlines upon which I can apply to the conference?

You can apply to the conference as long as contingencies are vacant but please note that accommodation services are only guaranteed if you have sent your application and paid until may 8th. After that we will still try to help out with accommodation as best as we can, but we may not be able to do so. For instance we will not be able to keep our rooms etc…


1. Do I need to transfer money for a homestay?

No. Whether you contribute to your private stay financially or not will be between you and your host. If its requiered, (in student homes it will be) you should handle it upon arrvial.

2. My bank is asking me for further information for my transferal

Account holder is Orhan Esen

The banks address is

Garanti Bankasi
Elmadag branch office
Cumhuriyet cad 125
Sisli Istanbul

for all kinds of contacts and further questions pls preferably use the email

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