How to get from the retreat in Agva to the Airport

Step 1: How to get from Agva to the Airports by public transport

Step 2: How to get from Agva to the Airports by INURA shuttle bus

Step 3: How to get from Agva to the Airports by taxi

1. How to get from Agva to the Airports by public transport

There are about a hundred different possibilities to get to the airports. We tried to figure out the easiest and fastest connections. If one might not want to wait for the next bus or wants to speed up the whole process, one could think about a combination of public transport and taxi. We are very ready to advise you on individual cases when you are in Istanbul or by email.

….to Atatürk Airport

Alternative 1: Fast and via the outer highway ring, approx. 3 hours

You take the Bus 139a in Agva and get off at the station “Madenler” (the station before “Madenler” is called “Camlik”). You just stay at the same place where you got off and take one of the busses 122 S, 522 ST or E3. These will bring you within minutes to the station “Kavacik Köprüsü”. From “Kavacik Körprüsü” you have to walk for about seven or eight minutes to the station “Kavacik Mezarlik” (here is a map
for your orientation). At Kavacik Mezarlik you hop on the bus 96 K.
Here is a time table:

Timetable Atatürk

The most time-consuming part of the journey to Atatürk Airport is to get from Agva to the outer highway ring and catch the bus 96 K. A taxi from Agva to the highway costs about 50 Euro. Indeed the busses are quite unpredictable – it simply needs some traffic jam – and the most important bus (96K) doesn’t run very often. So plan with some extra time slots and take a good book with you.

Alternative 2: Slower and via the centre, approx. 5 hours

This alternative is more predictable, because it doesn’t rely so heavily on roads, but rather on a combination of bus, ferry boat, tram and metro. However, it takes more than five hours.
You first take the bus 139a from Agva to its final station in “Harem” (which takes 3,5 hours). Here you change to the ferryboat connecting “Harem” with “Sirkeci”. The ferryboat leaves once every 20 minutes at least. In Sirkeci you take the tram in the direction “Zeytinburnu”.
You stay in the tram until its final station “Zeytinburnu” and change to the Metro (direction Havalimani (Airport)). The airport again is the last station.

… to Sabiha Gökcen Airport

To travel from Agva to Sabiha Gökcen Airport you only have to change your vehicle once: you take the bus (139a) from Agva to the station “Madenler” (the station before “Madenler” is called “Camlik”). Here you change to bus number E3, which brings you to the Airport directly (here is a map for your orientation).
When you get off the bus in “Madenler”, you simply have to change to the other side of the road.

Picture 2

2. How to get from Agva to the airports by INURA shuttle bus

We will provide a shuttle service to both airports or to good connection points directly after the end of our conference. Depending on the departure times of most of us, the shuttles will leave from Agva – so let’s figure out details when you are here. People who have booked a flight at or after 5 o´clock PM on July 3rd can be assured on timely arrival by shuttle. The shuttles to the European Side (and thus to Atatürk airport) will leave on Friday 03 July, PM and will take you in 3 – 3 ½ hours to Taksim square, from where you can catch the direct Havas buses (departing every 30 minutes, travel time 25-45 minutes) or to Aksaray, from where you can take the direct metro to the airport (departing every 5 minutes, travelling time approx. 30 minutes). Total time for the journey thus: 4 – 4 ½ hrs.

3. How to get from Agva to the airports by taxi

A taxi from Agva to Atatürk Airport takes about 2 (max. 2,5 hours) and costs about 200 TL (85-90 Euro). To take a taxi to Sabiha Gökcen Airport costs  100 TL (50 Euro) and takes about 1,5 hour

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