Retreat part of the 19th INURA conference will take place Agva/Istanbul on the Black sea coast between 30.06.-03.07.09

It will contain the following tracks in plenary and parallel sessions:

– Paper presentations on the conference topic. Download Call for Papers here: callforpapersINURA2009

– Group Presentations of Istanbul excursions. (+ time allocated to prepare these)

– The ‘Inura Common Research: New metropolitan Mainstream’ (contact Richard Wolff / Philipp Klaus -Inura Zürich)

– The Open forum: contributions regarding members’ recent work.

– Inura Annual meeting

Retreat suggestions by Inurians

– ‘Reclaiming Spaces’ (proposed by Knut Unger/Vesna Tomse)

– Panel on international campaigning regarding habitat (proposed by Knut Unger)

– any other suggested track proposed by participants and decided by the retreat organization group

A retreat organisation group has been formed in Athens to design the retreat meetings. Decisions on the tracks will be made by this group. To present in the retreat part you have simply to check in the application form the phrase. yes i want to present. We will put you in touch with the retreat organisation group, so your content can be handled the most suitable way possible.

Inura common research project

In Istanbul 2009 we would like to present first results of the INURA common research project ‘New Metropolitan Mainstream’. Istanbul will host the intermediate discussion of this project to be continued and finished for INURA 2010 in Zurich. We are looking for similarities and differences in today’s urban development in as many different cities as possible. Everybody is invited to contribute. We have designed a format with maps, posters, and texts, which should enable everyone to participate. There is no minimum requirement as far as results are concerned. Interested people with little resources as well as entire research institutes can be part of the project. In Istanbul we will present the preliminary results to the plenary in the retreat. Also in the retreat we like to have a minimum of two half days for discussion with those that are participating or showing an interest in the project.
Contacts: Philipp Klaus and Richard Wolff, INURA Common Office, Zurich

Reclaiming spaces

Knut Unger and Vesna Tomse ( ) propose a parallel workshop within the retreat for planning the further development of the international reclaiming-spaces communication project in cooperation with INURA volunteers. The focus will be practical work on (planning, development and content) of two zero-issues of a projected political (not academic) online magazine: 01: provisional thematic focus: “neo-liberal urban transformation” (focuses on Istanbul, Ruhr and few other city regions), 02 “habitat & crisis”.

More on the magazine idea and reclaiming-spaces in general at:
More later on. We also would like to organize some journalistic work at the place with Istanbul partners and groups (interviews, talks etc.) before the official conference and during it. If you are interested to join or discuss this practical side project write to Knut
( and Vesna (

Panel on international campaigning regarding habitat

Knut Unger proposes to organize a panel on international campaigning regarding habitat (land, housing, cities) & crisis. It could be based onexperiences like RttC-Alliance in the U.S., the “Global Social Pact” by housing rights alliances
the beginning trans-sectoral networking of European organizations, the WSF outcomes and more which will happen until June. He also likes to encourage INURA to prepare for effective solidarity action with victims of the demolitions in Istanbul.

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