Call for Papers

Call for papers for the retreat

Due date for abstracts: June 10th, 2009

This year’s INURA conference, will take place in Istanbul and Agva, Turkey, from June 26 to July 3, 2009 and it will discuss “Urban Transformation. Capital / State / Civil society”.

As every year the “Annual INURA Conference” is a one-week event, which is divided into two parts: the ‘City: Istanbul’ part in which we will be exploring the city through field trips and public events (Istanbul, June 26-30), followed by the ‘retreat’ part on the coast (Agva, June 30-July 3).

The retreat is a central feature of the International Network for Urban Research and Action conference. The purpose of the retreat of this year is;
(1) To present and discuss papers relating to the conference theme (see Call for that on INURA Istanbul website;,
(2) To present ongoing research and activism of INURA members, and
(3) To focus on INURA specific matters (such as the INURA common project “The Metropolitan Mainstream).

– The retreat offers a relaxed setting for social interaction and networking. The present call is for contributions to be presented and discussed during the parallel sessions at the retreat, part (2). They should reflect INURA’s general interests ( ) and more specifically this year’s conference topic:

– The role and traditions of cooperation between academics, inhabitants, local governments, civil society in supporting progressive political and social actions against inequalities in cities.

– The diverse manifestations and articulations of the neoliberal project in cities, through privatisation, marketisation and commodification, gentrification of services and space, Or creative sustainability solutions for the space and services in cities.

– The role of urban space as medium of the conflictual and continually changing social relations of capitalism.

– The realms of political and civil society (both locally and globally) as key spaces for struggle between the old and new accumulation regimes.

If you are not sure, whether and how your presentation will fit into one of these categories, please contact the retreat committee.

Length and Format of Presentations:

Individual contributions will normally last not longer than 30 minutes with a maximum of 20 min. for presentation and 10 min. for questions and discussion. Presentations should be succinct and not be overloaded with too much detail. Presentations will be organised in topical panels and/or in parallel sessions. Presentations at the retreat will be limited

The organizers want to encourage presenters to use various media (such as audiovisuals, posters, booklets etc.). Please indicate in your abstract if you need any technical equipment.

Submission Procedure:

Participants interested in presenting papers, films etc. or interested in organizing and preparing group sessions/workshops should submit a 150 word abstract, with a title that capture the core idea of your contribution, the general topic of what you want to address, how you will approach it, and what you hope to achieve.
In addition, if/how the presentation/session is connected to the topics mentioned above.

Abstracts of proposed presentations are due by June 10th, 2009.
All abstracts of proposals and questions related to the presentations at the retreat should be send to: .

Looking forward to see you in Istanbul.

The Retreat Group
Elena Besussi (London), Anke Domschky (Zurich), Asli K. Ingin (Istanbul), Marit Rosol (Frankfurt/Main)

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