Pre-conference Tours

The pre-congress studytours 23.-26.06 are are optional offers, you may want to take advantage of. All studytours are offered by professional guides with an academic background. They can be regarded as complementary to the opening session with informative lectures on Istanbul that will take place on 26.06. Friday.

Each tour starts at scheduled time (see link) at The Buyuk Londra Hotel.

All tours terminate towards 3 30 PM on Friday 26th June at the venue of the conference opening, where will be a public session with lectures on istanbul urbanisation

Please be ready for all tours, 15 minutes prior to the departure time. Departures will be on time.

On 27.-28.06 there will be the INURA conference field trips as organised by INURA Istanbul workgroups.


A History of Urbanisation in Istanbul, with a Focus Since Modernization 1830- today

by Orhan Esen (Social and Economical History)

A systematic scan of the historio-geography of settlement in Istanbul with a focus on housing development and the transformations of public space. Informal and formal development patterns in pre-, non-, and post-industrial periods of greater central Istanbul will be highlighted in a zipped 2 ½ days study tour, highlighting a selected variety of sites, other than shown in the onfeence excursions, avoiding redundancies. This solid introduction to the site-specific problems is particularly recommended to first timers in Istanbul.

Important note: Limited amount of seats are available as the tour must be operated with a midi-bus, due to road and parking restrictions in areas visited.

Starts Wednesday, 24th JUNE, 9 30 AM at The Büyük Londra Hotel.

Eur 64.- (covers guidance and bus transportation)

Selected Highlights from Roman/Byzantine and Ottoman Civilizations

by Husam Suleymangil, (History) are perfect for all those who have been to Istanbul before but missed out to see the touristic highlights such as the Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, The Roman Hippodrome, the Basilica Cistern and The Topkapi Palace, due to the busy academic or working schedule. This is the chance to fill in the gap, being guided by an historian.

starts Thursday, 25th June, 9 30 AM at The Büyük Lonra Hotel.

Eur 59.- (covers guidance, public transportation to/from the hippodrome area and museum entries)

A History of Trade and the Historical Central Business District

by Nursel Gulenaz (Economics and History of Architecture), will take you to the heart of the historical commercial and manufacturing area. The so called ‘area of Hans’ has undergone severe changes in centuries and still houses some important small-scale economic activity, also after the shift of the central business district to the northern edge of the metropolis, as well as bmany trades relocatid to the periphery, to so called organized industrial compounds. Ms Gulenaz has taken her PhD on the architecture of the historical han buildings (multifunctional commercial buildings, traditionally owned by guilds or foundations) and their typological change over time.

starts Thursday 25th June 1 00 PM at The Büyük Londra Hotel.

Eur 29.- (guidance and public transportation)

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